LUDUSON G INC. (OTC:LDSN) Announces Plans to Enhance Metaverse Experience in Latest Development Project

HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / January 24, 2024 / Following the successful completion of the recent Reverse Takeover in Q3 2023, the Company is poised to commence the new year with a bold initiative: the official introduction of Glamorous Planet to the public.

Under the guidance of the newly appointed management team, comprised of industry experts, significant enhancements are set to unfold across key components such as Metaverse Development, Game Development, Commercial Movie Production, KOL Management, and Event Organization. This strategic evolution is designed to bring a heightened level of professionalism and expertise to a groundbreaking global entertainment metaverse, -known as an advanced iteration of Metasense. Glamorous Planet seamlessly amalgamates movies, games, music, online shows, and KOL interaction, forming the core of the Company’s business plan.

Adding to the Company’s metaverse prowess, Dr. Kin-fat Chan joined LDSN’s Metaverse Development Team in December 2023. Dr. Chan, the shareholder of Metaverse Innovation Laboratory (“Project”), has successfully developed a metaverse dedicated to Dunhuang Culture.

Dr. Chan’s professional background includes serving as the assistant to the renowned Hong Kong entrepreneur, Sir Ka-shing Lee. With Dr. Chan’s expertise and experience, LDSN is poised to develop a highly competitive metaverse, establishing itself as a pioneer in the global market. The Company looks forward to achieving new heights in the realm of entertainment and metaverse innovation.