Glamourous Group is wholly owned by Luduson G Inc (NASD OTCQB: LDSN). The principal businesses of LDSN are KOL management, commercial movie productions and AI generated games development.

Expert in KOL Management

KOL business has growing rapidly in recent years, especially in China and Asia market. KOL can make great profits from online marketing and online live selling . LDSN has a subsidiary company called Glamourous Holdings International Company Limited in Hong Kong. This company has great cooperation relationship with a lot of famous KOLs, who have great number of fans.
** above photos are the examples of Hong Kong famous KOLs

Production of Hong Kong Style Action Movies

Hong Kong Style Action Movies are famous all around the world, especially the content of Kung Fu action and gunfight. The box office in China market and Asia market is great. In order to raise the market value of our KOLs, Glamourous Group has planned to produce Hong Kong Style Action Movies, which will arrange these KOLs to perform as actors and actresses.

After performing in movies, these KOLs will become movie stars and super KOLs. Glamourous Group will get double the benefit from this operation. Besides getting box office profit from the movies, our KOLs will have more market value and become more profitable in online marketing and online live selling.
** above photos are the examples of Hong Kong style action movies.

Our Metaverse


We will develop a Metaverse called “GLAMOUROUS PLANET”, which will become an entertainment center and online community for KOL content , Commercial Movies and Online Games

“GLAMOUROUS PLANET Metaverse” can be entered through NFT tickets. The
public can purchase these NFT tickets by BTC, ETH, USDT through the upcoming
strategic partnership NFT trading platforms.


AI Generated Games

LDSN has planned to use AI technology to develop online games and mobile games. The content of these games are the side stories of our Hong Kong style action movies. The details of these side stories will be written by AI.

In addition, the character design and game stage design will also generated by AI. Over 80% content of these games will be developed by AI, which will be supervised by our human game producer.

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This Glamourous planet is infinitely large and can also be defined by the concept of SimCity. The public can use our NFT tickets to access our platform through computers or mobile phones and play at any time.

Countless Hong Kong Successful KOLs

Hong Kong has produced countless classic action movies such as “Plan A”, “A Better Tomorrow”, “Fighting Dragon” etc., which have had a pivotal influence on the Asian and global markets. Nowadays, the new generation of Hong Kong KOLs are also very active in soci al media too.

Glamourous Studio and Japan Animation Theme Park

In addition, Glamourous Group plans to build a Glamourous Studio and a Japan Animation Theme Park in Penang, Malaysia. The Glamourous Studio will have a Hong Kong Style Street environment and an ancient China Town area for our fliming. It will also get profit from tourist visit and rent to other company for movie shooting. The Japan Animation Theme Park will cooperate with Zeon Properties and Japan famous Animation company. The theme park will include many attractions and games in the Japan Animation theme. Through this operation, Glamourous Group will explore the animation market with a large number of fans around the world.

Our Backers


The Road Map of Metaverse Development

Sep & Oct 2023

Nov & Dec 2023

Jan & Feb 2024

Mar & Apr 2024

May & Jun 2024

Jul & Aug 2024

Current Status

Glamourous Group and Luduson G Inc (NASD OTCQB: LDSN) has completed a Reverse Takeover with target market cap of USD 600 million. LDSN will seek to be is further uplisted on NASDAQ Capital Market in early 2025.

Meet Our Team

Glamourous Group and Luduson G Inc (OTCQB: LDSN) have reached a Reverse Takeover Agreement. The asset valuation of Glamourous Group is 600 million US dollars. Glamourous Group is planned to be listed on NASDAQ in early 2025.
CEO & Movie Producer

Frankie Cheng Man Fai

Frankie Cheng is a senior movie director, script writer and actor. He entered Hong Kong movie industry in 1995, as script writer and assistant director in movie “Ten Brothers”. Afterthat , He involved as script writer , assistant director and actor in several Stephen Chow movies, included “The King of Comedy”, “The Lucky Guys” and “The God of Cookery”.
In 2020, He started to become a movie director,. His directed movies included “Dragon Battle”, “Swimsuit Queen ” and “People Eater ”, which will on cinema in 2022 and 2023.
Game developer 、Game education and NFT game Designer

Ken Cheung

Over 25 years of experience in the game industry and is seasoned in the development, marketing, promotion and monetization of mobile and social games.
In 1999, CultureCom(HKG: 0343), a Hong Kong listed company, invested his private business , which developed several comic-based games including "Feel 100%", three-dimensional anime including “Cutified Dragon Tiger Gate", and worked with the renowned "Extremely Horror Hotline" in developing a new game. ​
In 2000, he collaborated with the Japanese game publisher CAPCOM and mobile phone designer Nokia to release “Street Fighter WAP" game, the first CAPCOM Wap Game app, on the latest Wap Online model. In 2001, he worked in Singapore and assisted several Japanese game developers (Taito, Konami and CAPCOM) and internet service providers (Docomo and SoftBank) in expanding operation in Asia. In 2005, he founded Babi to provide ad-powered mobile games with 7-Eleven, Watami, Hui Lau Shan, MCL Theater, MTR, GameWave and other partners. In 2009, he created the “Babi" currency and issued the Babi card, which scored a promising HKD 3 million revenues in the first month. Between 2010 and 2011, he established partnership with several service providers including Garena, Boyaa Interactive, God Game and Aola. In 2014, he continued to expand the value of game markets, and he took the mission of promoting E-Sport in Southeast Asia as the vice president of Asia-Pacific E-Sports Association on 1 December 2016. ​
Non-executive Director​

Louis Wan​

Louis Wan born in Hong Kong in 1980s. Louis started the investment and business in Europe ten years ago, and become a successful entrepreneur nowadays. Louis is very optimistic about the Asia market, especially movie industry and 5G mobile applications. Louis will invest to several commercial movies and 5G applications to suit the market. Moreover, these creations will also develop famous IP to match the global trend of NFT. Louis's aim is to become a great content provider in Asia, and achieve great results in both commercial and art aspects.
Game developer, NFT & BlockChain Soul

Yiu Tse

The core technology soul of Yueyi Game Company's own IP products, he has been engaged in video games for 10 years, and is a typical online game fan who spends at least 16 hours playing games every day. In the past, he has led a number of Chinese and Hong Kong teams to complete dozens of products in NDS, VR, MR, NFT, Facebook, Web, IOS, Android, Mac & PC, Xbox360 platforms. These include strategy, competitive, casual, MMORPG, action, puzzle solving, elimination and other 2D and 3D games, familiar with domestic and foreign user behaviors and styles. He has led many multinational companies such as 6waves, Next Media, Snakebyte, Uglysoft, QVIVO, Csoft and Artificial Life. The production requirements are extremely high, and he is also a famous musician, so he is very strict in terms of audio-visual effects. Familiar with multiple programming languages ​​and software, able to fully grasp the core technology of developing cross-platform and cross-media games for Meta​
Lead Engineer

Howa Wong

Howa is a former senior engineer at Amazon with 8 years of software development experience in biotechnology, e-commerce and casino companies. He also assists Google with project development. Technical expertise: Cloud databases and computing. Technical skills: machine learning, robotics, artificial intelligence, building highly scalable systems, analyzing large datasets & noSQL data warehouses.
Project Manager

Guy Leung

Over 14 years of creative project lead experience UX consultant of mobile games & web applications Handled number of listed company projects in Asia and MNC clients ranging cover different industrial.
IT Project Management / Team Lead

Warren Chan

Over 14 years experience in managing and developing web/mobile applications Worked as CTO of a Silicon Valley startup that delivered a high quality Web & 3D App applications.

Question & Answer.

Our team has Deep experience of game production and platform development. We’re familiar with the development of VR, AR and MR experiences for our valuable fans, as well as the trendiest NFT and Metaverse Blockchain App Accelerator solutions.

There will be 8,888 GLAMOUROUS VIP Pass available to mint.

Public sale will begin on 9/2

“Each GLAMOUROUS VIP Pass can be purchased by BTC, ETH, USDT or EURET which value equivalent to 1,000 USD.

Only 1 GLAMOUROUS VIP Pass can be minted per transaction.

Yes of cause! Particularly kind and committed members of GLAMOUROUS Group will be receiving whitelist leading up to the sale.